about us


JaJaWoods is a versatile, artistic fabrication shop in Las Vegas, NV. We work closely with our

customers to design, produce and fabricate custom pieces for our chefs, restaurateurs, designers,

contractors, engineers and artists around the country.

We have been doing business with a wide variety of customers in the Las Vegas area, where we are

based, and throughout the United States and Canada since 2013 and have become an

established and highly regarded company due to our commitment to partnering with our clientele to

achieve their dream products and environments with complete satisfaction. 

For this reason, we have done very little marketing and have been able to grow and build relationships.

Never compromising on the quality of our workmanship, we take pride in every piece, no matter how

big or small, we always work in a solution-oriented manner, and we believe in keeping the customers

satisfied and providing them with original, custom pieces.

Our team is skillful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to guiding our customers throughout the creation

experience, guiding you every step of the way, so that you feel well-informed and confident in the

work we are providing.

We made this video at the very beginning of our journey, in 2014. 

We still hold many of the same ideas close to our hearts and minds at work each day.